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The importance of full inspection in printing production

Our company's heat transfer printing production mainly adopts gravure printing technology, and gravure printing technology due to the operation process, equipment accuracy and other factors, usually occurs in the setting error, scraper line, plate blocking, anti-stick and other printing defects. Although in the production process, we have made a preliminary check on the film's tension, adhesion, color difference, and positioning, the speed of gravure printing is very fast. When the captain adjusts the machine, the defective film has been involved in the finished product, so we must make a full check on the film in the later stage.

Our company generally USES the artificial detection, mainly through people's eyes to detect artificial detection, even if our staff through training, can have very good eyesight to check out the bad product, but for a long time, their eyes will appear fatigue, it will inevitably be such residual, lead to defective membrane into the customer's hands, If the customer prints the film on the plastic product, it will produce a loss of several yuan or even dozens of yuan. Therefore, we have been constantly trying to solve the situation of missing inspection.

At present, the company has used a large number of quality inspection machine, all the production of flower film are fully inspected after leaving the factory. Quality inspection machine detection is through computer positioning scanning detection, compared with manual detection, more accurate, more comprehensive, to the greatest extent to solve the situation of missed detection.

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