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One staff of Weishida branch factory taizhou source of color new material technology co.,ltd named Liuzheng went ningxi river for swimming on July 26th in ningxi river ,when he was swimming with his friends, he found that there was a boy out of control and began to sink in the middle of the river,no people around dared to go for rescuing ,Mr Liu zheng swam directly to the drowned person without thinking anything, he dragged the drowned man by one arm,paddled hard by another arm and swam to the shore.Finally save the drowned one.

This spirit of disregarding their own safety, and the courage of rescuing others is worth learning by us!General manager Mr Yang praised his brave behavior , and give cash award to encourage everyone to learn from this brave staff!Mr liu zheng refused the cash, he said he rescued by instinct, no need to reward.

Salute to Mr Liuzheng!
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