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With the improvement of our living standard, in mold label technology will be widely use.In mold label process is that in mold label is injected together with the product in the injection mold ,when you produce the plastic product by injection machine ,which is the in mold label process.

The main advantages of in mold label:
1. It may improve efficiency, reduce the cost. Due to the combination of in mould label and plastic product forming happen at the same time ,it does not need to be separately labelled, so it may reduce the cost and energy consumption
2. It may improve the barrier property of products.As in mold label material usually is thin film , so it is waterproof, moistureproof, oilproof, mildewproof, acid and alkali resistant, friction resistant, low temperature resistance and can be soaked.
3,As its beautiful and high-definition printing quality, it is better than the traditional printing process effect.
4. In mold label is embeded into the product, becomes a part of product,so the label will not fall off, looks like no label effect, and has a certain security function.
5.It makes the recyling easier, environmental protection better.Becaue the material of product and in mold label are same or similar, so they can be melted and recycled at the same time, in this way in mold labe reduces the pollution to environment, and meets the standard of green printing.
6. increase the toughness of container mould process, at the same time, save the container resin dosage.

As it has so many advantages,in mold label is mainly used in below industries:
1. Oil industry , including lubricating oil, gear oil, antifreeze products packaging.
2. Daily chemical product industry, such as shower gel, shampoo, cleaner, detergent and personal care products packaging
3. The food industry: soy sauce, ice cream, coffee, juice, tea drinks, yogurt and other products packaging
4. the pharmaceutical industry: high-grade pharmaceutical packaging
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